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Egg Carton Labels

Which came first - the chicken or the egg carton label......? Well we think we can answer that question, and whilst our feathered friends may well have been around a lot longer than we have, there are not many Australian Label Manufacturers that can boast our wealth of experience.


Label Makers are manufacturers of high quality custom printed Egg Carton Labels. We utilise conventional and digital printing technologies at our manufacturing facility, meaning we can effectively and efficiently produce large or short runs of custom printed Egg Carton Labels. 


We have wide range of cutting dies on hand to produce egg carton labels for most configurations of egg boxes, including 6 packs, 12 packs, 24 packs and 36 packs, all with variants for small to jumbo sized eggs.


We have a wide range of options available to customise your egg box labels to your specifications. We can produce them on matt or glossy papers or synthetics, and we can print them in any colour you like as well as include aesthetic embellishments such as varnishes, metallic inks and even foils to give that extra luxury appearance. All we need from you is your finished art in PDF format and leave the rest to us. 

Custom Printed Egg Labels

Many of our Egg Supply customer base supply their eggs to many different outlets, some of whom require their own personalisation on the packaging. 


Our fast turnaround processes allow us to offer you fully customised egg carton labels, in relatively small quantities.


Got a promotion to communicate via your egg carton labels? We can add variable data to your egg carton labels, such as tracking numbers, batch numbers, expiry dates, or even promotional codes that could be used for offers, competitions and online registrations. 


Contact us today to speak with one of our trained advisors, to see how we can add value to your product packaging and egg carton label supply.


Looking for a quick quote?

Please fill out the form below for a quick egg carton label quote. One of our friendly sales team members will call you straight back with your quotation. The more information you can provide - the quicker we can get an accurate quotation out to you.

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