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Label Makers Gain HACCP Product Certification (FZP) for its Meat Inserts and Carcass Tags

Label Makers are proud to announce their recent certification by HACCP Australia for Meat and Carcass Tag production. Our direct thermal, and thermal transfer tags have been tested and certified as suitable for direct food contact (Classification FZP - suitable for direct contact with food).



We have invested a great deal of time and resources into developing a product which was economically viable, in-line with our customer’s needs, and most importantly suitable for coming into direct contact with meat.



Our toughest challenge was producing a direct thermal tag that would also be suitable for contact with food. We worked with leading coatings suppliers and scientists to develop a product that is completely sealed to ensure there is no chance of any cross contamination, without affecting the performance of the product.



Our premises were audited by HACCP Australia, and a thorough review of our recently developed GMP system was conducted. Well the feedback was just awesome! Our facility has passed with flying colours, and we are very pleased to be offering fully certified products to the meat handling and packaging industry in Australia.



Our GMP system encompasses our commitment to producing high quality products consistently, and without presenting any risk of microbial, chemical or physical contamination during the process. We welcome our food and meat customers to visit our facility to sample the cleanliness and hygiene practices we have in place. Feel free to bring your dinner with you and eat it off the floors..!



Check out our HACCP Certified tags here

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