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HACCP Certified Meat Inserts & Carcass Tags for Meat Processing

HACCP Certified tags for use in meat processing environments. Our carcass tgas and meat inserts have been certified by HACCP Australia as being suitable for direct food contact (FZP).
Direct thermal high temperature resistant carcass and meat identification tags and inserts.
BOPP Carcass tags and Meat Inserts

Label Makers manufacture a wide range of carcass tags and printed inserts for meat packaging, for thermal overprinting and carcass identification. Our specially constructed direct thermal, and thermal transfer carcass tags are HACCP approved as suitable for direct contact with food (Classification FZP).

 Our HACCP certified tags can be supplied in various sizes, and are suitable for direct thermal printing, or thermal transfer (with a ribbon). We are also able to supply these custom printed with your design or company logo.

Our high temperature carcass tags and meat packaging inserts are designed to withstand the environmental pressures they face in process such as heat tunnel shrink wrap or dip tank wrapping, without any loss of print quality, and without activating the direct thermal inks on the tag, meaning your tags won't go black during the packing process.



Direct thermal and thermal transfer produce identification tags and inserts. HACCP certified for direct food contact (FZP)
Direct Thermal Meat Tags

​We are also able to offer custom sized and standard thermal printable meat tags as typically used by the meat packing industry. These tags are generally BOPP direct thermal tags perforated and produced for use in direct thermal printers. Tags usually have a notch on the side of the reel for the printer to register to, or can be printed with a black sensor bar on the reverse of the tag for your printer to register to.


This style of tag can be easily produced using direct thermal, or thermal transfer stocks, making them ideal for direct contact with meat moisture, or for direct contact with foods such as fish and meat.

Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your meat and produce tag requirements, and see how we can save you time and money.



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