Australian Made Campaign Labels (Country of Origin)

Label Makers Pty Ltd are national suppliers of labels and stickers for the Country of Origin and Australian Made Campaign. These are the little Green and Gold country of origin triangle logos on food and goods manufactured or grown in Australia.

Whilst these country of origin labels have been in use for over 30 years, the origins of the Australian Made Campaign can be traced back over 100 years! However the whole AMCL Label and Logo is having a major shake up after new legislation was put in to place that defines a products actual country of origin, clearer and easier. Compliance date for this is 1st July 2018

New legislation – Country of Origin Labels

Changes to food labelling laws are coming soon. On 1st July 2016, the Australian Government incorporated the Australian Made and Australian Grown logo into a new ‘Country of Origin’ label; which is now mandatory for all Australian food products.

Australian food products will no longer be able to use the Australian Made or Australian Grown certification trade mark as a standalone country-of-origin symbol, and the Australian Made Campaign will no longer be able to license food products to use the logo as a Country of Origin certification trade mark.

All food labelled after 1st July 2018 must follow the new rules.

Information about the new mandatory Country of Origin information panel can be found at

High Quality Printed Country of Origin Labels

The key requirements for the Australian Made and Country of Origin Labels are mostly surrounding quality of the print. The logo must be perfectly reproduced and proportioned, the logo cannot be stretched or elongated in anyway, and the colours must match the specified Pantone colours perfectly.

When you choose Label Makers to produce your Australian Made Labels you are in good hands. We have the equipment, the skill set and the experience to ensure your labels meet all of the stringent quality guidelines and meet compliance first time, every time.

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