Barcode Labels

Label Makers Pty Ltd are specialist manufacturers of variable data and sequentially numbered barcode labels and tags. All of our barcode labels are produced to the highest standards and verified to the ISO, ANSI and GS1 standards using high tech barcode verification equipment. We supply variable data barcode labels across all states of Australia.

Pathology labels, medical labels, transport and logistics labels, asset and inventory labels, Library labels and document management labels.

Barcode labels

We produce wide range of sequentially numbered barcode labels in many different barcode formats including Codabar, Bookland Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ISBN, UPC, ITF, EAN, 2D, SSCC, 2D Data matrix, PDF417, QR codes, plus more.

We have invested in the latest barcode verification equipment to ensure that your barcode labels always meet the latest ISO/ANSI standards well as GS1-128 & ISBN/ISSN. Our verification equipment has been independently tested and calibrated and conforms to ISO/IEC15426-1/15426-2 standards.

Barcode labels can be supplied sequentially numbered to your specification or can include your own data supplied in text files, excel spreadsheets or CSV format. Our barcode labels can be supplied in custom colours and can incorporate design branding, corporate logos or be integrated with your existing label designs.

We have been major volume suppliers of sequentially numbered and variable data printed barcode labels and tags for over 30 years to many large and small organisations across Australia. We are experts in variable data barcode supply trusted by some of Australia’s biggest brand names for many years.

Variable data and barcode label printing

​Our extensive range of variable data and sequentially numbered barcode labels and tags include:​

  • Barcode tracking and logistics labels​
  • Warehouse racking location labels (Print and Apply Service)
  • Transport and logistics barcode labels
  • Barcode delivery labels
  • Hematology barcode labels​
  • Biochemistry hematology laboratory barcode labels
  • Barcoded pathology labels
  • Security and asset tracking barcode labels
  • Barcode file location labels
  • Stock & Inventory tracking – (turnkey solutions available)
  • Library barcode labels
  • Barcodes for document Management
  • Barcodes for Mining & Exploration Tags