Brand Protection & Security Labels

Overt and covert multi layered brand protection and security solutions from Label Makers Pty Ltd

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In a world where most people have the technology to produce counterfeit packaging sitting right on their office desktops, brand owners have to look for more innovative ways to protect the integrity of their products in the marketplace, and enable fast and effective means of field authentication. There are a number of technologies open to brand owners than can be integrated into packaging and labels, that can help distinguish the difference between genuine and counterfeited products.

When it comes to brand protection and security labelling, Label Makers Pty Ltd have a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with strong technical capability and know how.We are able to provide labels that contain single or multiple levels of security for brand authentication, warranty seals, void seals and tamper evident labels including;

Tamper Evident Labels

These labels are designed to provide instant evidence that an attempt has been made to remove, or tamper with a label or seal. These tamper evident labels are typically used in warranty situations, or where transfer of a label from one product to another nees to be prevented. Tamper evident labels can be designed so they leave a visibile VOID message when tampered with, or they can be printed and converted using extremely fragile and fraggable substrates, that will break up if an attempt is made to remove them. Other options are available to highlight tampering with a label. Feel free to call us to discuss tamper evident labelling further.

Mass serialization

The unique numbering of every individual label at item level, can enable simple and effective tracking and traceability of your products in the marketplace. We can serialize sequentially, or using random data supplied from a database.

Security Inks

We are able to print invisible inks that contain micro-taggants, only detectable using special hand held readers. We are also able to print invisible UV inks that are only visible under black UV. We can also print using thermochromic and photochromic inks that are designed to change colour when exposed to a predetermined heat or light level. Thermochromic inks can be engineered to change colour when touched by a finger for instance.


Label Makers are able to personalise security labels with holographic foils. Holograms are a simple method to promote a products authenticity, but unfortunately in this day and age, holograms are no longer considered a high level protection solution as they are easily reproduced. Hologram labels do stop certain counterfeiting activities such as photocopying or scanning and reprinting.

Layered Solutions

We believe the best solutions are layered solutions, whereby multiple levels of security and authentication are embedded in to a single product. Label Makers are able to produce uniquely numbered labels that contain a number of overt and covert security measures. All of our brand protection and security labels are produced at our secure facility in Welshpool. We have full access control with high security perimeter fencing, and integrated security measures within the building. We have the technologies, and the business procedures in place to securely manage and manufacture your security and brand protection labels.