Chemical Labels

We produce chemical labels specifically designed to withstand the harsh environmental factors many chemical labels are exposed to. We understand the chemical labelling industry and the strict guidelines that surround the labelling of chemicals and hazardous goods. Our chemical labels are heat resistant, light resistant, scuff resistant, and chemical resistant, meaning they stay stuck to your chemical products, and maintain the information they are designed to convey, protecting your customers and your business. We supply chemical labels to some of Australia’s biggest brand names in chemicals, so there is every chance that you will find one of our high quality chemical labels sitting in your shed, or garage at home!

Chemical & Agricultural Product Labelling

We have a wealth of experience in the supply of labels for chemical and drum labeling. Chemical labeling comes under strict regulations and we fully understand the importance of clear and accurate communication of chemical constituents.

​We work with our agricultural and chemical industry clients to ensure correct materials are specified for labels, so they stand up to all of the environmental conditions the chemical labels may be subjected to.

​Our chemical labels are designed to withstand exposure to chemical leaks, long term exposure to UV light, scuffing, and even extreme heat exposure.

We only use the best inks and materials to produce your labels so they withstand harsh environmental factors such as outdoor daylight exposure, chemical spillage, heat and scuffing.

For high light-fastness, and rugged durable chemical labels – contact Label Makers today.