Cosmetic labels

Label Makers manufacture a wide array of labels and supply them to cosmetics businesses Australia wide. Our cosmetic labels range from simple single colour lipstick labels containing ingredients, and other critical information, to colour swatches and high quality point of sale high quality cosmetic labels for cosmetics products.

Our cosmetics labels can be printed in multicolour, to your specification. We are able to produce cosmetic labels on synthetic materials for water resistance and durability, or on papers for your more simple applications. Labels can be supplied in Matt or Gloss and can be varnished, foil blocked or even personalised with variable data.

We have the ability to produce your cosmetic labels using conventional printing techniques, or by using high quality digital printing technology. Utilising digital opens up a world of opportunities including unique numbering for brand protection

Essential Oil Labels

Label Makers also manufacture digitally printed labels on highly durable synthetic materials that are perfect for the labelling of essential oil, aromatherapy oils, and naturopathy products. We are finding that this particular market is expanding rapidly, with many vendors being small single person operations with budget limitations. Its not unusual for a new Essential Oils customer to come to us with orders for 40 to 60 different kinds of labels, and maybe only wanting to order 100 labels for each kind.

To produce labels like this conventionally would need somewhere in the region of 160 to 240 plates, plus 6 or 8 die cutters. Our state of the art technology enables us to process these orders far more efficiently, without the need for plates and without the need for dies.

We also operate large industrial printing presses suitable for orders of 5,000 to 500,000,000.