Digital Printed labels

We operate state of the art digital printing machinery designed to produce high quality, self adhesive labels, tags or tickets, in small to large sized run lengths. Conventional printing requires plates and origination in order to run a print job, which incur both costs and delays in getting the job produced. There is also a set up time involved which is proportionate to the number of colours on the label. Digital printing has its advantage in the sense that jobs can be put straight to press without waiting for plates or negatives, and multiple colours can be printed without impacting on setup and lead times.

High quality short run digital labels

Our digital printed labels can be embellished with decorative features like varnishes, laminates, foils, or can have other added features such as variable data, barcodes, QR codes and serial numbers. We are able to print digitally onto most substrates, and can supply paper labels, polyester labels, polypropylene labels, and vinyl labels for signage, dangerous goods, and alike.

We employ toner based digital processes, and UV inkjet too, meaning we have the right process for your application. We have the capacity to digitally print varnishes, and opaque whites too, allowing us to produce a wide range of effects on clear and opaque substrates. For short run jobs we are also able to digitally die cut your labels, opening up opportunities for special shapes that previously would have been cost prohibitive using conventional dies.

To discuss your digital labelling requirements, contact us today and speak to one of our trained label advisors who will help you see your project through to completion.​

Digital Advantage

Label Makers were recently approached by aromatherapist and essential oils suppliers, Equivalence.

Equivalence were launching a new range of essential oils and blends, and were looking for labels to cover 43 different products but in very small quantities. The labels were printed in four colours, with a bright vibrant multi colour logo, and a high build tactile varnish over the logo to give it a 3D raised look and feel.

To print a job like this conventionally would normally have required in excess of sixty printing plates, and four dies cutters to produce the job. Because of all the changeovers the setup on a label printing job like this could have spanned into days if printed conventionally using plates and dies.

​Label Makers has invested in a state of the art UV Inkjet Printing machine which enables us to produce jobs like this in super-fast time, with no need for plates or dies.

The Equivalence labels were digitally printed and the high build varnish effects were printed digitally at the same time. They were then digitally die cut, and finished off in sheets.

​The advantage for our customer was the fact they could order small quantities of the labels whilst they determine market demands, and we were able to produce the labels faster than many label manufacturers could have even made the plates.

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