Emergency Information Panels

We are able to produce your multi-colour custom EIP labels to your design specification. EIP labels can be printed in up to 8 colours and can incorporate specific UN codes and class diamonds (hazchem warning signs), or can be supplied with separate self adhesive class diamonds for you to use however required.

EIP Labels

​Our EIP labels are printed on highly durable synthetic stocks with high specification adhesives to ensure the label stays with the container, even when exposed to chemicals, sunlight, scuffing and other harsh environmental conditions.

​​Our Emergency Information Panels can be overprinted using inkjet, laser or thermal transfer printing or can be written on using a standard permanent marker pen.

For our Emergency Information Panel Labels we only use high quality UV light-fast inks with a Blue Wool Scale rating of 6 or above.

Labels can personalised to your specification or can be supplied in a generic form, along with individual self adhesive Class Diamond Labels for you to personalise to your requirements.

Chemical Labelling

We have a wealth of experience in the supply of labels for chemical and drum labeling. Chemical labeling comes under strict regulation and we fully understand the importance of clear and accurate communication of chemical constituents.

​We work with our chemical industry clients to ensure correct materials are specified for labels, so they stand up to all of the environmental conditions the labels may be subjected to.

​Our chemical labels are designed to withstand exposure to chemical leaks, long term exposure to UV light, scuffing, and even extreme heat exposure.

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