Pharmacy Dispensing Labels

Pharmacy Dispensing Labels

Label Makers manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality self adhesive dispensing labels for use in Pharmaceutical applications such as dispensing of prescription medications.

Our Pharmacy labels are manufactured to the highest standard ensuring the end user receives the information that they require in its best possible form. Our prescription dispensing pharmacy labels are designed to withstand high and low temperatures, so they won’t be affected by refrigerated storage, or being left in direct sunlight.

  • Plain dispensing labels
  • Direct thermal dispensing labels
  • Custom printed prescription labels
  • Pharmacy labels with your pharmacy
  • Multi-part dispensing pharmacy labels
  • Medication labels.
  • Prescription cap labels
  • Tamper evident labels for pharmacies

We are able to custom print high quality logos, designs, coloured backgrounds and contact information on to your pharmacy labels. We can add security features such as micro text, special coatings, and varnishes to protect the integrity of your products.

Dispensary Labels

We supply many of Perth’s dispensing chemists with prescription dispensing labels, that are later over-printed and personalised with direct thermal printers.

​We supply fully customised compatible FRED Labels, AMFAC Labels, AQUARIUS labels, PHARMASOL LOTS and many others.

​As well as dispensing labels, we also supply printers that can be easily integrated with your existing dispensing management system.

Speak to Label Makers today to discuss your pharmacy label requirements, or alternatively head over to our brand new website for our Health Care Labelling Division by clicking here