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Label Lock Australia - Security Seals Australia

Security Seals Australia

Label Makers Pty Ltd are an Australian distributor for the Label Lock range of tamper evident security seals. Label Lock is a uniquely designed security seal which incorporates in-register void messages that show clearly that the label has been tampered with. Label Lock is the only security seal in the world to achieve the ISO17712:2013 accreditation, the new global standard for security seals. Manufactured by UK based Security Label Specialists - The Mercian Group. Label Lock is used by businesses, and government agencies worldwide to secure documents and assets, or to provide a highly secure and unique method of tamper evidence and authenticity that cannot be reproduced.



Label Lock security seals have many variations and are suitable for many applications including;

  • Aircraft security seals

  • Asset labels and asset protection labels

  • Box Security Seals 

  • Brand protection and authentication labels

  • CD & DVD Case security seals

  • Continuous voiding tape for security of packages

  • Export security seals.

  • Forensic evidence security seals

  • Search and secure security labels

  • Secure document seals

  • Vehicle security seals

  • Voiding tamper evident seals for enclosures

  • Warranty seals

Tamper Evident Security Labels

Because of the unique way in which Label Lock is manufactured, it contains security features that no other security label can boast, such as registered and bespoke void messages, multi colour voiding images registered to the label, variable data and sequential numbering for traceability, permanent or no residue voiding options, micro text, and a host of other security features. 

Security Labels available from stock

Label Lock is stocked in three variations; security tape, low residue, and dual layer. Labels are typically supplied in rolls of 250 labels, and come in individual boxes as per the pictures below. 

Please contact us to discuss options on bigger orders, or bespoke label designs

Bespoke Security Labels


Label Lock is available from stock in a range of variations, but can also be fully customised to suit your needs. Label Lock can be manufactured with your own logos in the design of the label and can even be made with a bespoke void message, making it even harder for counterfeiters to reproduce. Bespoke labels are generally more economical when ordered in larger quantities.

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